My Why

A bit about me

Everything I do is about changing behaviour and attitude. I help business executives, diplomats and government officials refine their professional profile and increase the impact of their personal presence by making shifts in their attitude, behaviour and communication style. I founded my company – YARNU in 2013. Certified to use a number of tools that measure behaviour and culture, we work with businesses and organizations to help them create the organizational culture that best supports their objectives and values.

I started out my career as a broadcast journalist with Jordan Television. After working with CNN during the First Gulf War, I moved to the Royal Hashemite Court where I was responsible for His Majesty the late King Hussein’s International Media Department for 2 years. I then moved into the field of communications and public relations leading the public diplomacy and communications work of the British Embassy in Amman for 18 years.

What I Do

On Demand Courses

The Refined Professional series that cover the A,B,C,D of your professional image, in addition to personalized workshops.

Personalized Programs

Bespoke programs by Yarnu for businesses, government organisations as well as individuals, tailored to meet your needs.

Speaking Engagement

Book Rana for a talk on social and cultural intelligence, and corporate culture for your upcoming conference, seminar or corporate event.

One-On-One Coaching

A personalized package of private one-on-one sessions that are focused entirely on your needs and areas of development.



When in the Arab World;
An Insider's Guide to Living & Working With Arab Culture

Throughout writing this book, I strived to be honest and authentic, finding the balance between the “general” and the “specific”, while not falling into the trap of over simplifying matters or romanticising my own Arab culture.

Articles & Thoughts

1 Jul

Splitting Diversity from Inclusion

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1 Jun

The Great Re-Set

Seizing the Opportunity to (Re) Design Your Culture

Questions, questions, questions.  That is all that seems to be on

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4 May

My View From Jordan

I was one of the lucky ones.  I really enjoyed the lockdown, spending time at home – tidying up, cooking, baking (which

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3 Jan


I woke up on the morning of the 1st of January literally in a spin!  A sever viral infection hit the nerve

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