Business & Diplomatic Protocol


Your Challenge

You have a big corporate event or signing ceremony, or a diplomatic visit and you must ensure that everything goes smoothly without any blunders and without you causing any offence.

You may be working in a field that constantly puts you, and your team, in contact with multi-national VIPs, senior government officials or even royalty – so there is no room for error.


YARNU’s intervention

Protocol is the art of ensuring that official (and unofficial) occasions, visits, meetings and functions are planned and conducted in accordance with a set of rules that are formally, socially and culturally accepted, and expected, by all the parties involved.

Diplomatic protocol brings together local customs, etiquette and protocol rules with the purpose of building relationships and facilitating positive outcomes for the parties involved.

Our team of topic experts design a series of training workshops (conducted in English or Arabic) in addition to on-the-ground consulting to help build the systems and procedures required at your organisation.


The result

  • Your team is more confident in handling all details involved in planning and running a variety of events, ceremonies, meetings and visits
  • Your team understands precedence and is able to design a seating plan for any event
  • Your team is able to design the ideal invitation using the right titles and honorifics
  • Your team understands the use of flags at official ceremonies
  • Your team knows how to choose, present, and accept gifts
  • Your team makes all the necessary arrangements for the media to get the most beneficial coverage for your event
  • You have clear Standard Operating Procedures and check lists

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    Rana’s energy and style in teaching is engaging and enjoyable. We learned the importance of so many details that we were not necessarily aware of.

    Senior Executive

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