The Refined Professional

Your Challenge

You have the technical abilities and the university degree and now you are ready to take the next step up your career ladder, but you might feel uncomfortable navigating certain social situations.  Or you are struggling with your ability to communicate your ideas to your team.  You are increasingly more aware of the value in raising your social intelligence and refining your professional image to enable you to step more confidently into your leadership role.

Your team’s attitude, behaviour, communication style and appearance may not be reflecting the image that you want for your organization, which is affecting the kind of customers your business is attracting and their experience.
You have conducted a few team-building exercises but it’s still not enough.


YARNU’s intervention

Success at work doesn’t happen without good human relations.  Studies show that to advance in your career, only 20% depends on your technical skills, and at least 80% depends on your social skills, including the ability to put others at ease.

We adapt our workshop approach to suit mid-career professionals or VIP sales teams or even career diplomats.  We work in both English and Arabic.


The result

  • You leave more confident and at ease, having grasped the elements that make up a professional’s image
  • You learn how to create a more positive attitude enabling you to choose your actions and build more fruitful relationships with colleagues and customers
  • You learn how to communicate effectively with your body language, voice, and appearance as well as using emails and mobile phones
  • You master the refined professional’s behaviour when hosting or attending meetings – in person and online
  • You reflect a refined professional image when attending business lunches, conferences, receptions and other networking events
  • You reflect the image and personality of your organization in the way you carry yourself and interact with customers and stakeholders

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    Rana gave us a Social Intelligence workshop specially tailored to our management and sales teams.  Both the material and Rana were outstanding.  The topics covered and the practical examples were very relevant and beneficial.  I would highly recommend Rana and Yarnu to any organisation.

    Eng. Emile Ghoury

    A breath of fresh air! It is human nature to think that we know the basics of anything that comes our way. Not true! I learned a ton of skills that I know will come in handy. Ten thumbs up Rana!

    Mona Shahab

    Continuous flow of information. An eye opener on one’s own behavior towards colleagues. The trainer has excellent knowledge of the subject.

    Isam Salfiti

    The Art of Social Intelligence is a skill that is often missed by companies and organisation.  Not only did Ms. Nejem deliver a very interesting and engaging workshop to the QRTA team, but she made sure everybody had the chance to speak, and when she ran out of time… she gave more time.  In my view an excellent training is that which is relevant and leaves you wanting to implement.  I have already put down a number of things for immediate implementation.  Thank you Rana.

    Haif Bannayan

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