When In The Arab World


Your Challenge

You are part of a multi-national organization that operates in the Arab world; or you are a diplomat or a member of the armed forces serving in the Arab world; or you are the spouse or family of a business executive or diplomat who has just been relocated to the Arab world; or you are a student traveling in this part of the world – the challenge is demystifying the culture and traditions of the Arab world – understanding how things are done and how to navigate your way through the intricacies of doing business in this part of the world.


YARNU’s intervention

This is not a list of dos and don’ts. Based on Nejem’s book When in the Arab World, An Insider’s Guide for Living and Working with Arab Culture; this course is designed to demystify the traditions of the Arab world for all non-Arabs who work or live in this region.
It is both broad and specific and always tailored to your needs and interests.


The result

  • You walk away with the knowledge and practical insights that will significantly decrease the chances of misunderstandings and problems – for yourself, your organization and your family
  • You will have developed a deeper understanding of the underlying beliefs and values that determine how things are done and how they affect communication styles and decision making in Arab culture, enabling you to intelligently choose the most appropriate course of action for the situation at hand
  • You will leave with an increased level of cultural intelligence, enabling you to navigate tricky situations resulting in more efficiency, higher productivity and less turnover within your organization

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    Having had minimal prior experience of the Middle East, Rana delivered an introductory cultural session for my family and I prior to us moving to Jordan.  The session was spot on - tailored, insightful, broad yet focused when required.  We feel much better prepared and many of our concerns have been allayed, particularly the children's.  We continue to learn using Rana's excellent accompanying book.  Highly recommended.

    Will Davies

    In all aspects of her work Rana had to work across cultures, understanding the British political and communications dynamic and adapting it to Jordanian circumstances and Middle East culture. I found her advice in this area moat valuable. She worked directly with many very senior stakeholders over the years who were both comfortable with her and trusted her judgment. Rana needed to show discretion on many occasions, which she managed with aplomb. She has a natural talent for handling people with respect and is respected in return.

    Peter Millett

    Would you like to learn? Get in touch, would love to hear from you.

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