Your Executive Presence

Your Challenge

You are in middle management working to make the move to a more senior position.  Or you are a senior executive facing some leadership challenges.  Or perhaps an entrepreneur scaling up your business and overwhelmed with your new leadership role and how your behaviour and attitude are creating the culture in your organisation.

You know that people work for people, not for companies; and leaders lead people, not companies or organisations.  You are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and alone and looking for some clarity and guidance to help you step up to the demands of your new role.


YARNU’s intervention

Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, we work from the inside out to help you bring out the best version of yourself.  We will help you distinguish yourself from the crowd by refining your professional profile and increasing the impact of your personal presence – enabling you to influence others and float with ease and confidence from one situation to the other.  This is not about putting on a mask.  Authenticity is what people connect to.  Everything you do reflects on your company, on your brand and your product.  Your refined professional behaviour sends the message that you are credible and trust worthy.

We work in both English and Arabic.


The result

  • You are more confident and at ease in your leadership role
  • You are able to influence your team and consciously create a positive and supportive culture in your organization
  • You are able to understand your internal talk and how to choose your thoughts, feelings and actions to get the outcome that you desire

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    Excellent course. I learned a lot of new things and I like most the interactive style of the trainer and the real life practical examples. The trainer knows the subject very well.


    Deep and intense sessions that plant the seeds for a new and positive way for looking at challenges. Highly recommended if you are seeking to transform your professional and personal life.


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