Your Organisational Culture

Your Challenge

Your company is growing and expanding and the number of employees is increasing.  You may have gone through a leadership change or even a merger with another organisation.  Things are changing.  Your values have turned into just words that are framed on your wall or on your company website.

You are not sure how to grasp that illusive thing called organisational culture.  You have done a number of staff engagement surveys and HR are working on it, but it is taking time and money and you are still not certain if it is a systems problem or a people problem.


YARNU’s intervention

Culture is often mistaken for formalised organisational values or employee engagement levels, rather than how people behave.  We often find a widening gap between where the organization aims to be and the actual existing culture that is reflected by the staff’s behaviour and attitude.

In line with our bespoke approach and focus on helping organisations build and strengthen a corporate culture that is capable of delivering the desired results, we have partnered with iPsychTec in the UK.  Using the CultureScope® tool to scientifically measure behaviour, we provide decision makers with detailed and focused solutions to a variety of issues.

Using CultureScope we are able to combine complex science, psychology and technology to provide clean dynamic data that empirically measures behaviors and maps corporate culture.

A game changer for CEOs and HR managers, that is proven to improve how companies make strategic decisions.


The result

  • Within about 4-6 weeks: a clear, detailed roadmap, with actionable insights into how to close the gap between where your organization is now and where you need to be
  • Analytic reports on the behavioural trends across various departments or groups in the organization and where things need to change
  • Clean, scientific, empirical data that will help the CEO, the board or HR managers make strategic decisions

Would you like to learn? Get in touch, would love to hear from you.


    Using CultureScope, Yarnu provided us with empirical data that Rana then used to provide us with a detailed analysis and prioritised road map of what needed to be done to align our company's driving values with our culture and the behaviour and attitude of staff. Thanks to Yarnu's valuable work, we were able to clearly see and zoom into the areas where we needed to focus our attention and our resources. And throughout the process we felt we were working with a true partner, keen to see us succeed, and with us throughout the way.

    Marwan Juma

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